Unlock Freedom with Gift Cards & a Gift from The US

Now that iTunes have their new subscription approach to downloading, I am not impressed. For me, I want to keep my options and to keep my files for myself. Seems like the limitations are increasing for ever, until you are just in some cloud paying for services. Just because you need to be connected to the internet 24h and can’t truly own anything for yourself. I like think out of the box, and I think I am doing the greater good to achieve this.

Then I bumped into yet another problem. Even if I accepted the privacy policy and the fact that the files were locked with some kind of an encryption.. I could not make any purchases in the US store. Well, the German one would be just for for me. Except that some content is oh my god, restricted. That kind of brings me to my philosophical point of the day, that sometimes you need to do doggy things for the greater good. You cant always play by the rules and now it was just on plain sight. The method was to purchase US iTunes gift card which in combination with a US iTunes account gives you all the freedom you need to buy from the US store. Handy isn’t it. It was the first time using eBay and I can say that it will not be the last.

It makes me think what other things I might have missed on just because I was reluctant to do the wrong thing. Or so I thought. Sometimes these good things are just hidden from us because large companies and corporations such as Apple iTunes don’t want us to know of a better way. It’s called business and we need to get used to it. But please excuse me, as I need to go to watch some amazing movies and music that I have recently downloaded. Stuff that otherwise I could have never even imagined about without the gift card trick. So if you want the freedom of the United States, take it for yourself.

I guess some of you guys know that already. Anyway, loving regards,
Berlin Berlin Author Jan Scotti


The Bubble Illusion Effect

It’s a while since I’ve posted about the greater good, and for both good and bad reasons. It is really a forever increasing concern, of which direction the planet is taking. And if the working together is really ending up in a mutually beneficial and nutritious world. Sometimes I think that things aren’t turning very well for the world and those very organizations that are suppose to be protecting us, are not. From The North Atlantic Treaty Organization to the World Health Organization, each big force in this planet has their own motivations to protect it, or to make it better for oneself. It is a big illusion that things would be going as planned, instead everything is going worse and worse, with no end in sight. That is of course, because these organizations that have set a goal to protect and better a global world. All because the standards that we are working with are set with financial motives, and especially competition in mind.

These groups that are pretty much pushing the buttons and controlling the workings of this societal structure. They too used to have to compete for their existence in ways that pleased a huge amount of people. Especially pleased were the people in power, who wanted to biggest stakes. In fact, those who work as mere ants in below positions only needed an illusion of tremendous benefit. If that was what most people received or not was simply not even a subject because it is simply impossible.

So now we are stuck with these impossible frameworks of society, where resources are handled as if they were infinite. As if we could keep on abusing mother earth for as long as we ever wanted without any consequence. These are the unfortunate circumstances that we have to live with in the modern world, with little real idea of what working together really is.

We are living in a world of bubble. With an illusion so huge, that it could break any moment. Something so obvious and staring us straight in the face, which is all intended of course. Intended, to make us scared and fear the realization of what is really happening in our world. Which is of course, where we really should start with. How can we fix something that is the most rotten from the very most essential bits. I don’t have all the answers, but read on and perhaps we will find out together. One, extremely beautiful day <3 Jan Scotti


Commercial Benefit from Web Hosting to Chaoyang Theatre

Only days later, I noticed that Hostnine, where my website is hosted (partly serving Beijing, China) in, had updated and migrated some servers in which my recent blog post was lost. It’s really annoying and has happened to me several times, as the backups are old before the server migration. But of course, it’s hard to complain with such a ridiculously low priced host which does have some tremendous benefits, such as the possibility to host websites on multiple IPs as being one that is perhaps the main for many of it’s customers. Personally I think that all hosts should have such features and find it difficult to understand why is there not more competition available on the internet today. Yes, I do believe in competition but not just any kind, as simple greed cannot be classified as truly beneficial in terms of creating great business. One must think beyond the box of profit, and really aspire to create new, novel things that enrich peoples lives or experiences. Remembering not to concentrate too much on the “lives”, part and acknowledge that life has a lot to do with aspects that do not need to have such profound “meaning” to them. We as humans, need pointless things to, that we can enjoy and grow upon. Little things as I like to call them, make up a huge and important portion of life.

In business however, when one acknowledges those small important aspects and puts them together in a way that rather than seeking economic benefits, goes after a service or entertainment that provides what the creator himself wants. In other words, we can transform financial greed, to self aspiring greed that has a central focus on self-benefit that is beyond the value of money. Because once you extract money from the equation, the self-benefit because very ones benefit. Such a simply thing, that is difficult for many people to let go simply out of fear of the unknown.

While not getting too abstract, I wanted to give some real life examples and most importantly “ideas” that can be “validated”. Also after just saying that I am using Hostnine is cheap, and that it does have the benefit of multiple IPs, it is obvious that the issue is not as black and white. Besides, one needs to start from somewhere realistic. At the moment, a lot of the starting points can be rather depressing… however being realistic about them, is vitally important and ultimately extremely positive!

In Beijing, just as anywhere else in the world, people need to host websites. That is the connection with my example of Hostnine, and the Beijing acrobatics show. This show, at the Chaoyang Theatre is well polished and has truly a good sense of connection with Chinese roots of performing arts. After all, a person who does not understand the history cannot make a spectacle that is skilful enough under the nose of Chinese, and especially demanding Beijing critics. Well, this venue does need to worry about such things as financial. It is the way the country has worked for centuries, that the government has the ability to choose which business because profitable or not. Well, of course this ability is less strong but still totally significant in todays corporate world.

So the starting point is pretty well established, and something that gave the name “Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatics Show“, great freedom of expression and creativity that flourished beyond profit. It’s a great example of communistic success in a way, even though I know that there might be quite a few that disagree with me. First, one needs to accept the ways and policies of that country to see the positive sides as well. Taking the acrobatic venue, and placing it on the number one spot has not overcome the business with greed of money.. it has flourished in the perfection of the performance, in ways that could not be even imagined with economic powers backing them up. One most really go to see it for themselves, to understand how much exactly is at stake, for a simply failure could lead to a dramatic decline in popularity. Having to respect the system, they have put their efforts in it and ultimately represent the whole of China. Increasingly many visitors go to witness this spectacular performance at the Chaoyang Theatre, now up to three times a day. A tiring, but tremendous achievement from the highly trained performers there.

Not many people understand, that this is really is one of the strongest traits of business in China. Something that independent business will have difficulty to overcome, because first one needs to think about money before they can do anything. The key to the evolution beyond the policies of China or the United States for example, is to find balance between the two. So that even from the starting phase of a business, people don’t need to worry about profit as livelihood could be supported in other ways. Such as communal or ways of self sufficiency. Perhaps there is something wrong with the family structure, that has resulted in such a tremendous struggle of supporting oneself. Even, and especially in developed countries.

Perhaps in all of us, lives an acrobatic show or such, that simply wants to become something creative, something fresh and new. Without economy constrains and with values that contain beauty and an outward look into benefit of the human kind. Anyway, that is my dream and finding real life examples in Beijing has been more than encouraging!

Regards, and happy holidays everyone,

Jan Scotti

PS. Let us not forget the greater good! <3



I have brushed up the web site a little bit and hope, that with it, we can contribute for the good even more, and better. There is really no limit to how much one can do, we just need to express ourselves! Hope you like it.


Ask Yourself

When was the last time you asked yourself a question? For me, it was yesterday. And I think that not only me, but others should do it more often. It’s great and makes you think in a different way. A very simple, yet often forgotten trick in the book of progress.

So this kid came up to my asking for money, which is very rare in China. Because homeless are few, since discarded people are so few. Or those who are in such an unfortunate situation, don’t beg, instead they work hard to survive in all kinds of ways. Anyway, I don’t think a Chinese person would ever give money to a beggar. But a few people have realised that this is a way to get money from foreigners that don’t know better.

In the west, to give money to those who don’t have it seems to be a perfectly good thing to do. But there are many other sides to it, and overall the subject is very difficult. Of course there are times when you should give money, but in order to know if that’s a positive thing you need to know the background of the person and the situation why they need it.

Case by case they say. I though this kid really looked desperate and I asked myself. Should I give this child little money or not? Giving just once, could ruin their life in one go, making them believe that their future is in asking foreigners for money. Forgetting future, in the long term.

I did the difficult decision to not give. Instead, we talked we are together. Things like that. And I made clear to explain him that I would never do such a thing in normal circumstances!

What would you do in such a case?

Please, leave a comment.

Jan Scotti


Venturing Out to China and Rest of Asia for Good

Everyone wants to do something, and most people do something. But not everyone does something that is really beneficial in helping people. There are lots of ways to help, and most of them are not helping the greater good. Or at least that is my opinion to which I am entitled to.

Sometimes helping is the most difficult when those who need help are close to you. But I have to say, that in Berlin there are so many courageous people who focus on helping their surroundings which has a much deeper impact, and ultimately helps people to spread the help wider and wider. Reaching to other cities, countries, continents.

But still, we cannot ignore the help that other people in other countries are less unfortunate. That’s why, despite understanding this very important point am attracted to traveling overseas. Learning, collaborating and finding new ways to do “good stuff”.

That’s why I left for China and have been here for a couple of weeks now. There is so much to do that I think I won’t be leaving any time soon. My family is missing me back in Berlin, and I know I will visit them for Christmas. But my efforts are now concentrate here, not on the people that are closest to me I’m afraid. I hope they understand.

But I am not here to do any red cross volunteer work or anything like that. I am here to exchange information. I have been blessed with a great guide, who is doing translations for free whenever she has the time. And I am visiting people from all walks of life, trying to get together some ideas on how China could benefit from German technology. As well as how Germany could benefit from the help of the Chinese people. Who are btw. some of the nicest and welcoming people I have ever met in my life!

Btw. This probably explains why I haven’t written anything for a while. The preparations were huge! And it’s getting more and more busy here as the network of friends and colleagues is expanding.

Despite much work, there is a lot of play as well. Because Chinese want to first and foremost enjoy life. Something that I am learning from them also. For example, just yesterday we went to see a Kung Fu Panda show which was hilarious. Located in Shichahai Beijing, the theatre was just too fun to be real, or at least this is how it felt. Watching a panda couple, venture in the city of Beijing and learning kung fu sounds very Chinese indeed, and it is! Shichahai is also a very beautiful area of the city, with a great park and huge lake with a lot life around it. There are so many great locations in Beijing and actually theatre is not just at the Panda Show, but everywhere on the streets. Be it ordinary folks or street performers, you can say that this city is definitely alive.

After seeing the theatre performance, I started thinking about how these people fight for their living. As a westerner I would be exhausted from doing the jobs they are doing. I guess what I am saying, is that I am starting to identify the problems in China that prevents from everyone, including the common man to enjoy the simple and good things in life. Working around the clock without any sleep as the taxi drivers are doing is no way to live. But it does pay you food. China is not an unfortunate country, it has a lot of positive, and great vibes and endless possibilities.

I guess I am here because I see that.

With love, Jan


What Working Together Really Is

Since the slogan of this website is “Working Together for Greater Good”, I thought that I should clarify that a little bit. Because these concepts can be pretty mixed up now and then. In fact, I think that not that many people really know what it means. Or people just think that they know what it means without real life experience.

Well, I can say that there is a lot of experience in Berlin. Because it wasn’t always such a “happy place”, and there are still constant confrantations thankfully of which most are relatevely small. But it all means that there is development, and that society in heading in some direction. Not good, not bad just something new and that’s where we should be heading to.

Especially the “mainland german” are stuck with the good/bad way of thinking. While some blame religion, we can see that obviously in Berlin with so many religions and cultures being mingled together, there seems not to be that kind of a problem that much. We just go forward.

And that is really what working together is. It’s going forward with different mind sets, different goals.. but in order to be able to do that in some sort of balance (let’s forget harmony for now guys..), we need to forget all these concepts of right and wrong.

It’s really mindblowing when you start to realize that. As a result, you are able to act in any kind of situations in ways that are actually benefitial for the whole. If you understand this, it will be easier to understand my posts!!

Let’s work together,

Jan Scotti


Nuclear Power in Germany

I have to say, that I am proud of Germany. It is the first country to totally abolish nuclear power, with a huge amount of money invested in green energy. For many years, long before the accident in Japan, I have been totally against nuclear power. Now I am saying, that even if the situation looks very gloomy at the moment. There is no other possible way out of this, than small steps towards a safer world.

The anti-nuclear activism and scientific backup, has increased tremendously over the past couple of years. Simply put, the government will have to keep a close lid on such movements in order to hold on to nuclear power. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for such powers to deal with a nation, that no longer blindy accepts such bullshit truth from the government.

Berlin, is the epicenter of such though and movement in Germany. And it makes me even more proud to be here as well.

Green greetings,

Jan Scotti


Storytlr Looking Good & Working Together

Hi everyone. I just found this awesome way to microblog, the storytlr platform seems god sent. It’s easy to use and has lots of nice little features to start exploring.. so, in short: loads of fun to come!

As a brief explanation of me, the name is Jan Scotti. I am not only from Berlin, but I also love Berlin. I think it’s one of the best cities in the world.. very different from the rest of Germany, very different from just about any place in the world.

Another favorite aspect of the city is it’s multinational, intelligent forward driven attitude. A global mind is at best, concentrated in one place where people work together for a better good.

I am nost a communist or something, but the idea of working together for stuff is a spice of my life. I always look for examples from all around the world, on how we can work together in better ways. In fact, I am pretty active when it comes to communities in such here in Berlin.

So. Let’s see what this site will cook up!